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Akshay Kumar plays larger than life character in OUATIMD

In ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI DOBARA, Akshay Kumar is playing a part which has grey shades to it. Meanwhile, it can also be said with absolute certainty that in this Milan Luthria-directed affair, Akshay will be presented as never before.

This is further confirmed by Rajat Aroraa, the celebrated writer of OUATIMD. "Yes, Akshay is playing a character, which is larger than life. When he is around, the canvas by itself turns huge. Having said that, we have concentrated on telling a story first and then design the overall approach. No one fiddles around with what has been written or what we are trying to say. So while we have a superstar like Akshay around, what adds on to the fun if the fact that we have a solid narrative to boast of as well," says Rajat.

With Akshay returning to an intense drama zone with this Balaji production, those who have had a dekko at the film vouch for the fireworks that are all set to explode on screen.

Says Milan, "If you look at any of my films, whether it is KACHCHE DHAAGE , TAXI NO.9211, ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI or THE DIRTY PICTURE, each of these has been character-driven and not just plot-driven. Whether you like or hate the character is a different thing but there will always be a story told from his or her point of view. When someone like Akshay steps in, it helps your storytelling that much more. Moreover, he has a solid part. Just wait and watch."

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