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What is Britney Spears private romantic message for hubby Sam Asghari

Britney Spears and husband Sam Asghari marked their first Valentine's Day since their summer wedding with a card and sweet posts

Pop icon Britney Spears and husband Sam Asghari paid tribute to each other on Valentine’s Day, a week after the superstar hit out at reports that her family had planned an intervention over fears she could die, labelling the rumours a “cruel joke”.

The singer, 41, and her fitness trainer husband, 28, marked their first Valentine’s Day since their summer wedding with a card and sweet posts, reports ‘’.

On her Instagram, Britney shared images of herself and Sam on a boat, as she smiles up at him, writing in the caption: “TB of Maui magic day!!! I Love you so much baby!!! Your B-day is coming soon!!!”

‘’ further states that the post has now disappeared from her Instagram profile but Sam’s simple tribute to Britney remains, with him sharing a black and white photo of them kissing on their wedding day.

Sam writes in the caption: “Happy Valentine’s Day to my valentine (love heart emoji).”

The fitness fanatic and model also shared a clip of himself opening the elaborate gold and red Valentine’s Day card he got from Britney.

The message in capital letters, in which Britney referred to Sam by his full name, read: “I love you Hesam (drawing of a love heart) love, Britney.”

Sam can be heard in the background thanking Britney and calling the card beautiful, with her responding: “You’re welcome”, and then, “Happy v day!”

He also shared a short snap of the pair out with the dogs, and although Britney can’t be seen, she can be heard saying: “Happy Valentine’s Day,” with Sam saying: “Happy Valentine’s Day to my wife,” and then the sound of them kissing.

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