Centre bans 18 OTT platforms for obscene content

March 14, 2024
The government on Thursday confirmed that it has blocked 18 over-the-top (OTT) platforms for obscene and vulgar content

The Indian government, in response to concerns over obscene, vulgar, and pornographic content, has taken decisive action by blocking 18 over-the-top (OTT) platforms along with associated websites, apps, and social media accounts. This move comes after repeated warnings from Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Anurag Thakur.

The decision to block these platforms was made under the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000, in consultation with relevant government ministries, departments, and domain experts specializing in media, entertainment, women’s rights, and child rights.

The Minister emphasized the responsibility of OTT platforms to refrain from propagating obscenity, vulgarity, and abuse under the guise of creative expression. The blocked platforms were found to host content depicting nudity, sexual acts, and inappropriate contexts such as relationships between teachers and students, incestuous relationships, among others.

The content was deemed to be in violation of various sections of the IT Act, IPC, and the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986. Additionally, these platforms extensively utilized social media to attract audiences, with their accounts amassing a significant following.

Despite these measures, the government remains committed to supporting the growth and development of the OTT industry, indicating a desire for a responsible and regulated environment in the sector.

The I&B Minister has repeatedly emphasised the responsibility of the platforms to not propagate obscenity, vulgarity and abuse under the guise of “creative expression.”

The OTT Platforms blocked are Dreams Films, Voovi, Yessma, Uncut Adda, Tri Flicks, X Prime, Neon X VIP, Besharams, Hunters, Rabbit, Xtramood, Nuefliks, MoodX, Mojflix, Hot Shots VIP, Fugi, Chikooflix and Prime Play.

“A significant portion of the content hosted on these platforms was found to be obscene, vulgar, and portrayed women in a demeaning manner. It depicted nudity and sexual acts in various inappropriate contexts such as relationships between teachers and students, incestuous relationships, etc,” the Minister said.

The content included sexual innuendos and, in some instances, prolonged segments of pornographic and sexually explicit scenes devoid of any thematic or societal relevance.

“Additionally, these OTT platforms extensively utilised social media to disseminate trailers, specific scenes, and external links aimed at attracting audiences to their websites and apps. The social media accounts of the concerned OTT platforms had a cumulative followership of over 32 lakh users,” the Minister informed.

The government said that it remains committed to fostering the growth and development of the OTT industry.

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