Watch courtroom comedy ‘Maamla Legal Hai’ from this date

February 7, 2024
‘Maamla Legal Hai’, the comedy series starring Ravi Kishan, Nidhi Bisht, Anant V Joshi, Naila Grewal and Yashpal Sharma, among others, could be your one-stop for a good laugh!

Prepare for the gavel-slamming courtroom comedy, ‘Maamla Legal Hai’, set to debut on March 1. This light-hearted series promises a delightful blend of humour, heart, and legal jargon, making it a must-watch. Set within the fictional confines of Patparganj District Court, the series explores the surreal world of law through the eyes of its eccentric lawyers, representing bizarre cases and odd clients. Produced by Posham Pa Pictures (Jaadugar, Kaala Paani), Sameer Saxena dons the mantle of the showrunner for this series. Directed by Rahul Pandey, the series is written by Saurabh Khanna and Kunal Aneja.

Ravi Kishan steps in the shoes of VD Tyagi, the charismatic President of the Patparganj Bar Association, who dreams of becoming the Attorney General of India. With a knack for jugaad, VD Tyagi and his dynamic team of lawyers – Nidhi Bisht, Naila Grewal, Anjum Batra, and Vijay Rajoria – give a whole new meaning to the term “legal eagle”. Through these unconventional characters, audiences will get a glimpse into the intriguing cases handled by the firm – the true pulse of Maamla Legal Hai. Together, they infuse each case with humour and unexpected twists, while successfully outwitting their competitors.

Maamla Legal Hai offers a refreshing take on the world of law, featuring a motley crew of lawyers from idealistic rookies to cynical veterans. They hustle for cases, recognition and the coveted air-conditioned chambers, all the while delivering relatable content that tugs at your heartstrings. Drawing inspiration from real-life strange and unbelievable cases, the show promises court proceedings that will induce endless laughter and bar elections that offer a playful take on democracy.

Brace yourself for the shenanigans of the Patparganj District Court lawyers in Maamla Legal Hai, premiering on 1 March, only on Netflix.

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