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Bengali star Jeet has a hilarious response to trolls

Jeet, ahead of his big budget action-thriller film ‘Manush’, went behind-the-scenes of the film and discussed both his personal life as well as the movie

 Bengali star Jeet, ahead of his big budget action-thriller film ‘Manush’, went behind-the-scenes of the film and discussed both his personal life as well as the movie.

Surrounded by the ‘Manush’ cast, the team was seen having a chat for the YouTube channel of Jeet’s production house Grassroot Entertainment.

Asked about his social media presence the actor said: “I am mostly a very private person. I do use social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and I quite enjoy it. I don’t really post much, but it is a great time pass for me because I keep scrolling through reels and tweets.”

Talking about whether his status as a famous movie star is a problem for him, Jeet gave an interesting response.

He said: “I won’ really call it a problem, but privacy does become a bit of an issue. Like I’m trying to get home or anywhere else and then people end up asking me all kinds of questions.”

Jeet said that he always aspired to be an actor and approached that goal with determination, in which he succeeded.

“But it does have its cons at times, so I’d say problem yet not a problem.”

Director Sanjoy Somadder when asked about his inspiration for both filmmaking, as well as life, he answered: “I mean there are many people to take inspiration from, you aspire to be like them but it doesn’t work like that. Everybody is their own person, so I think self-motivation is what I’ll call my inspiration.”

Jeet nodded in agreement with Sanjoy and said: “I think I fully agree with Sanjoy here. I think life is the biggest teacher and if you are open to it, then you can learn from anywhere. From birth to the person you are now, life teaches you, so that would be an inspiration in and of itself.”

The actor has been trolled quite a lot, and among fans of Bengali cinema he has been subject to many memes, some harmless and some very negative and derogatory.

Describing how he handles trolling, he said:”If I could make everyone happy then I’d have to treat them all to ice-cream. So I just take things on a positive note, and kind of just move on. What happens will happen.”

Describing the behind-the-scenes moments, actress Susmita Chatterjee said: “I mean going behind-the-scenes, you’ll find that the whole shoot was very pleasant, very positive and we all like to joke and laugh but everyone is very supportive of one another.”

Sanjoy added: “We would often play pranks during shooting, it was quite a lot of fun. I feel very fortunate because of the fun moments, they make the experience just that much better.”

Jeet was late asked if he would ever like to write an autobiography, to which he just politely smiled and said: “I don’t know whether I can write or not, but if someone helps me I’d love to do it.”

‘Manush: The Child of Destiny’ stars Jeet who is also the producer alongside Susmita Chatterjee, Ayanna Chatterjee, Bidya Sinha Saha Mim, and Saurav Chakrabarti. The film will be released on November 24, 2023.

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