Kedar Shinde to rekindle the magic of womanhood – ‘Aaipan Bhari Deva’

March 8, 2024
Following the success of 'Baipan Bhari Deva', Jio Studios and Kedar Shinde to kindle the magic of womanhood with AAIPAN BHARI DEVA

The announcement of ‘Aaipan Bhari Deva’, the upcoming collaboration between Jio Studios and filmmaker Kedar Shinde, marks a special occasion on International Woman’s Day. Building upon the success of their previous blockbuster ‘Baipan Bhari Deva’, which celebrated sisterhood, this new project aims to honor the multifaceted essence of motherhood.

Kedar Shinde, reflecting on the success of ‘Baipan Bhari Deva’, acknowledges the valuable lessons learned and the overwhelming response that inspired him to delve deeper into a woman’s mind. With ‘Aaipan Bhari Deva’, Shinde aims to explore the various facets of motherhood, recognizing it as a boundless sea of emotions that resonate with every human being.

The partnership between Kedar Shinde and Jio Studios, known for their commitment to compelling storytelling, promises another captivating film experience. As details about the film, including the lead actresses, remain under wraps, there is considerable excitement and speculation among audiences.

Given Shinde’s track record of delivering out-of-the-box entertainers, expectations are high for ‘Aaipan Bhari Deva’ to leave a lasting impact on viewers. Produced by Kedar Shinde Productions, Jyoti Deshpande, and Bela Shinde, with Ajit Bhure as co-producer, and written by Vaishali Naik and Omkar Mangesh Dutt, the film is directed by Kedar Shinde.

As the journey unfolds and anticipation mounts, audiences eagerly await further details about this promising project, confident that it will deliver another memorable cinematic experience.

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