Saisha Shinde shares her transformation after face 'femininisation'

Saisha Shinde, who appeared on the reality show ‘Lock Upp’ and recently underwent facial feminisation surgeries, has shared her experience and also expressed her gratitude to the surgeons for completing the procedures successfully.

‘Feminisation’ involves a series of procedures that help a man undergoing a sex change get a feminine look. It includes having lips and cheekbones augmented, the jaw and chin reshaped and resized, and other such steps.

Saisha shared pictures of her transformation and wrote a note: “I came out publicly to live a free life without any expectations as to what it will result in … and today, I want to show my face … without any expectations .. but I want to be free and I want to be happy … So, here I am … with makeup and without before my facial feminisation surgery and after.”

The celebrity designer added: “There is still a lot of swelling … as I take this pic … and the doc has assured me it’s only going to get better here on.”

Earlier, too, she had shared pictures of her body transformation and mentioned: “Me in the same dresss before (left) and after (right) my Body Feminisation surgeries.”

Saisha continued: “Everyone does it. No one talks about it. They want the world to think they are God gifted! Well, I am not going to shy away from giving you all the information because it’s been a journey, to say the least!

“I went from overweight to skinny to muscular to now trying to achieve the feminine,” Saisha wrote in the long note accompanying the pictures of her in the same dress, looking very different after the body feminisation surgery.

She added: “Our bodies are the main source for our insecurities. And almost all of us are constantly trying to figure out why it’s looking like it does and not what we want it to look like.”

Saisha concluded by noting: “Body issues are not just limited to trans women but are common to all genders. My journey from podgy to skinny to muscular to podgy again to feminine is truly something I’m proud of … my body has stood by me whenever I took the decision to change it.

“Loosing muscle was the most difficult aspect for me, especially achieving a hip, which is practically non-existent for the male body. I knew I would have to go through surgeries to achieve my body goals in terms of femininity. And I didn’t shy away from letting the world know what I wanted to do.”

Saisha Shinde, formerly Swapnil Shinde, is a fashion designer. She came out as a transwoman early in 2021.

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