'Nema AI' measures Anupam's brain strength; Aman quips 'doodh ka doodh, pani ka pani ho jaega'

March 19, 2024
‘Nema AI’, a smart education platform for neuro disorders sealed a deal of Rs 40 lakh with Sharks Namita

The Delhi-based startup ‘Nema AI’, a smart education platform for neuro disorders sealed a deal of Rs 40 lakh with Sharks Namita Thapar and Vineeta Singh on the new episode of ‘Shark Tank India 3’. Founded by Nidhi, ‘Nema AI’ utilises brain scan technology to tailor educational solutions for neurodiverse individuals.

Launched in April 2023, the education platform combines Al and Neuroscience. It’s a five-minute Al scan which provides insights about the child’s cognitive skills.

It offers personalised recommendations for cognitive enhancement or a learning curriculum. Utilising EEG headsets from Emotiv, the brand ensures safe and certified technology for personalised skill-building.

Aimed at children with neurodevelopmental disorders, including conditions like down syndrome, its patented technology also finds applications in military and counselling settings.

Primarily targeting schools and colleges, the startup offers personalised counselling sessions alongside its growth plans, catering to diverse needs at affordable costs — priced at Rs 799 for a single session and Rs 2,200 for a four-session package.

With an ask of Rs 80 lakh for five per cent equity, Nidhi seeks to expand her brand’s reach and impact.

Anupam Mittal (Founder and CEO of Shaadi.com) said: “You made a serious claim. You said you can successfully detect a mental issue within five minutes. I mean I could be completely oblivious, but this seems impossible. Science hasn’t progressed so much yet. It can’t help us figure out a memory issue or any other issue with the help of a five-minute mapping. On what basis are you claiming this?”

Replying to Anupam, Nidhi said: “During a simple reading activity, some parts of the brain get activated. The mapping helps one know a child’s current mental level. Or l’d say, it finds a child’s default level till they work on it. It just helps you find out your current level. We aren’t making a claim medically.”

Anupam then curiously asks: “Ham yahan kisi ki brain strength measure kar sakte hain?”

Namita (Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals LTD) laughs and says, “Anupam aap jaaiye.”

Aman Gupta (Co-Founder and CMO of boAt), said: “Aaj hi doodh ka doodh or pani ka pani ho jaega.”

Anupam adds: “Aur brain ka brain ho jaega.”

Ritesh Agarwal (Founder and CEO of OYO Rooms), added: “Brain to bahut hai hamare dost me.”

After the test, Vineeta asks Anupam: “Aapne selfie lia kya inke sath?” (Did you take a selfie with her?)

Nidhi revealed the result, and said: “Anupam’s result is, he relates to Professor Octopus the most.”

However, Aman said: “Market aapki na bahut chhoti hai madam.”

Anupam shared: “Passion is a perfect ten. Courage is a perfect ten. Attitude is a perfect ten. However, market understanding and building a tech business work on set patterns. You score too low on those parameters. You can’t build a tech business with just determination and courage. And unfortunately, I’m out for this reason.”

Aman added: “I like your passion. I give you full marks for that. At this point in time, you haven’t yet found your product-market fit. You are still in the process. You can come here again if you find it by the next year. As of now, I can’t risk Rs 80 lakh from my side. So I’m out.”

Vineeta (Co-Founder and CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics) further said: “I love the market and the fact that you are foraying into the area of learning ability for children and the younger lot with a bigger spectrum. It could lead to a business model. I think you can build a business worth Rs 40-Rs 50 crore. So l’ll give you an offer.”

She offered her – Rs 40 lakh for 8 per cent equity plus Rs 40 lakh debt at 10 per cent Interest for three years.

Namita added: “I agree with Vineeta. we need to make progress in this area. So l would like to either match Vineeta’s offer or join her.”

Anupam interrupts them, and jokingly said, “Please fight. Don’t be a bore.”

Nidhi finally secures a deal with Namita and Vineeta.

Talking about her experience on the show, Nidhi said: ” ‘Shark Tank India 3’ revolutionised our brand, NEMA AI, enabling us to make a significant impact on millions of lives. Through the live pitch, insights from the sharks, and their invaluable pointers, we gained clarity on our market and had our unwavering passion and innovation validated.”

‘Shark Tank India 3’ streams on Sony LIV.

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