Tanvi Malhara found herself ‘tearing’ up during intense scenes in ‘Savdhaan India Apni Khaki’

March 19, 2024
Tanvi Malhara reveals how her character's resilience mirrors her own life journey.

Actress Tanvi Malhara, who portrays Pragati Deshmukh, a fierce sub-inspector in the show ‘Savdhaan India Apni Khaki’, reveals how her character’s resilience mirrors her own life journey.

Talking about the same, Tanvi shared: “When I auditioned for the role, portraying a tough, no-nonsense cop seemed far from my expectations. However, my passion for acting outweighed any doubts.”

Embracing Pragati’s strength meant confronting her own vulnerabilities.

“There were moments when I struggled to embody Pragati’s unwavering resolve. I found myself tearing up during intense scenes. But with perseverance, I stepped into her shoes,” she said.

Reflecting on the parallels, Tanvi underscores the importance of pursuing dreams relentlessly.

The actress further said: “I’ve always aspired to be an actor, despite the obstacles. Similarly, Pragati never shies away from challenges, and that resilience resonates with me.”

Her portrayal of Pragati also serves as a beacon of empowerment for young women.

“I used to rely on others, particularly men, to make decisions for me. But now, I understand the power of making my own choices and facing the consequences head-on. It’s liberating and empowering to take control of your life and chase your dreams without regrets,” she added.

‘Savdhaan India Apni Khaki’ airs on Star Bharat.

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