Flowing beyond natural: A spotlight on the Top 7 hair extensions brands

August 28, 2023
Hair Extensions are growing in popularity like none other becoming one of the most demanded ones in both developed and developing countries.

Hair Extensions are growing in popularity like none other. These products have become one of the most demanded ones in both developed and developing countries. Not everyone has flouting silky, natural, damage-free hair. Most of our generation people struggle to maintain it due to high pollution and a not-so-good lifestyle.

As the hair extensions industry is booming all around the world, you must be aware that fake products are not worth investing in. After, what would be the point if it is of low quality and can’t make your hair dream true?

The confusion is true, but we are here to help you out. After looking for the best hair extensions online companies offering their products, we have created a list of the top 7 hair extension brands that really offer what they say. Read the whole article and know about it all.

Gemeria Hair Extensions

Gemeria Hair is an Indian-American brand and is working as a subsidiary of Tyagi Exports. For over 10 years, Gemeria has produced the world’s top-quality hair extensions of vivid types. The company offers you authentic Indian virgin hair that comes from the temples of South India and is not at all processed. You will find extensions of top-notch quality to give you a thick, healthy, quality hair experience. After all, your confidence is ours.

Gemeria believes that only non-processed, chemical-free hair is good to wear as a crown. Skilled workers with the rightly needed human touch & devices combine the real virgin hair and take it to the international market under full control to maintain its quality.

Their ethical practices come with new human hair technology to match all hair types. There is a reason why Germeria’s hair extensions for women replicate the real hair flows because they are. From root to end, they will become your own.

Above all, Gemeria always looks up to new innovations in the field of Hair Extensions. They believe there is always a better way than what we have today. The trends change with time, and they focus on that. That’s where the technology meets the style. Whether it is weaves sewed-on three-head machines or water streaming textures, Germeria is always on edge.

Besides all, Gemeria offers high-quality training for freelancers and hair stylists. Hair extensions are available here to make your business easier and more effective with Gemeria.

Product Offered:

  • Hair Extensions
  • Single Clip Highlights
  • Faux Hair Buns
  • Clip-in Bangs
  • Wigs
  • Hair Toppers
  • Invisible Hair Patches
  • Hair Accessories

Reasons to Choose

  • Gemeria offers only Authentic Hair Quality through all its products. So don’t worry about the damaged products.
  • The company resources their 100% natural hair raw material from the temples of South India, which they believe are the best ethical source of such resources.
  • Made by only the Skilled Craftsmen to maintain the consistent quality throughout.
  • Gemeria offers training & tools for hair extensions to industry-related MSME business owners and freelance hair stylists.
  • They follow a Fast Delivery policy. Once the processing of the order is finished, it will reach to you within only 3-5 days.
  • You will get free international shipping over $249.
  • The company offers you a 7-day return policy if any unwanted circumstances occur.
  • You get free shipping over ₹599/order.
  • Gemeria offers exclusive customer support for any related issues.
  • A wide range of product options are available, including extensions, wigs, single-clip highlights, clip-in bangs, hair toppers, and hair accessories.
  • Gemeria offers all its products at reasonable prices to make the products available to all.
  • You get exposed to Hair Care Policy 101 to make your extensions worth the test of time.

Glam Seamless

Glam Seamless is known for its silky, shiny hair extensions. These extensions are good to go for a quick, thick hair transformation. Quite interesting, all their products have only natural, real human hair. The company collects its raw material ethically around the world and lets it go through a process called ‘Double Drawn’.

Double Drawn is a process in which employees remove short or damaged hair from the extension to keep it long & shiny. This process filters the short, scraggly, sparse, and split hair from the collection.

Reasons to Choose:

  • Unbeatable Colour Range
  • Complete Control Over Quality
  • Consistent Innovation for Creating the Next Masterpiece for You.
  • Expert Consultations Anytime Anywhere.

Bellami Hair Extension

Bellamy Bellasthat’s the name Bellami gives to its customers. The word Bellami means ‘Beautiful Me’. That’s what they are trying to offer. Their firm belief says that all women are beautiful and all of them deserve their best selves.

Bellami hair extensions and wigs are to give women a graceful transformation. They are made of real Remi Human Hair which you can wash, dry, flat iron, or curl.

At Bellami, you get colour match services where 40+ colours are available. Also, you get a range of hot tools and accessories to keep your hair extensions healthy for a long time. Becoming a Bella here will expose you to endless styling options with professional customer services internationally.

Reasons to Choose:

  • Fast Worldwide Shipping
  • Free Shipping over Rs 14,700+ orders
  • 100% Remy Human Hair
  • Unbeatable Customer Support Worldwide

Luxy Hair

Luxy Original Hair Extensions for women are famous for its dedication to its products, company policies, work culture, and factories. ‘Luxy’ is a luxurious brand that only deals in top-grade Remy human hair. The finest of Remy’s hair is selected in the process to give you shiny, silky, and tangle-free long strands that will stand the test of time.

The management people of Luxy keep strict rules for partnerships. Their only factory is in China, which they feel compliments their own value system of transparency and honesty.

Product Offered:

  • Seamless Hair Extension
  • Classic Hair Extension
  • Halo Hair Extension
  • Clip-in Hair Extension

Reasons to Choose:

  • 100% Remy Human Hair
  • Worldwide Shipping Available
  • Helpful Hair Tutorials for You
  • Hair Recycling Program. Now no waste of old hair extensions.

Great Lengths

Spread to 40+ countries across 6 continents, Great Lengths is probably the largest hair extension organisation on the list. Don’t forget to check out whether you have a local distributor or not. You can reach out to them through emails.

Great Lengths was founded in 1992 with ethics at its core. The idea was to use the finest of human hair and deliver the best hair extensions online to women around the world. The raw material comes from India, and they ship it to the main facility in Italy. There, the hair goes through a depigmentation & coloration process. Classic toning formulas are there to do so. Then, after all the process, the products are shipped to local stores.

Product Offered:

  • GL Pre-Bonded
  • GL Tapes
  • GL Volume
  • Brushes

Note: Don’t forget to check out their documentary – Beyond Hair Expectations.

Clip Hair

This UK-based hair extension was established in 2007. However, it was then just an online store. Clip Hair started its early business by selling in the UK market and local marketplaces. Today, they offer shipping to all countries worldwide.

Clip Hair offers high-quality straight-to full curly hair extensions at competitive pricing. That’s how they gain people’s trust across the globe. Continuous improvement, innovation, and fastest delivery are the secondary USPs of the company.

Product Offered:

  • Clip-In Hair Extensions for women
  • Tape-In Hair Extension
  • Professional Extension
  • Ponytails

Reasons to Choose:

  • Free Color Matching Services
  • Free Color Exchanges
  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • Money Back Guarantee on return.
  • Innovative Approach to Production.


The hair Extension business is now booming across the world. As these are becoming in demand, you may have to face some backlash from several not-so-trusted companies. After all, there are scammers everywhere.

We care for you and have listed the best international companies offering the best online hair extensions and hair wigs. Alongside, you will love their customer services and consultation sessions from experts either on their social media profile or through direct calls.

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