Katy Perry makes news for wrong reason: Wardrobe malfunction on ‘American Idol’

Katy Perry escaped an embarrassing moment by a whisker on the ‘American Idol’.

Singer-songwriter Katy Perry escaped an embarrassing moment by a whisker on the ‘American Idol’. During the episode, her top broke in the middle of judging a contestant.

The wardrobe malfunction happened just before Top 14 hopeful Roman Collins performed ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World’ by James Brown, reports People magazine.

At that moment Perry’s silver sculptural crop top by Kate Barton, appeared to come loose at the back.

As per People, in a behind-the-scenes video posted by Perry on Instagram after the show, the singer was seen being tended to by a group of crew members as they tried to fix her top while she remained sitting at the judging panel.

“My top broke #idol,” Perry explained in the caption.

“I need my top to stay on”, the ‘Daisies’ singer said in the clip, before giving a concerned look at the camera. “If it’s not fixed, this show is going to get more than it wanted,” she joked in the following shot as her top was repaired.

Fellow Idol Judge Luke Bryan then stepped in to help. “Hey, I got it,” the country singer, 47, said as he pulled out a pair of tiny scissors and reached toward the back of Perry’s top. “I’m going in!” He shouted. Bryan paused shortly after and changed his mind as he said, “Never mind.” A slide then appeared with a voiceover reading the words, “A few moments later.”

Perry was next seen in a clip from Monday night’s Idol episode immediately after having had her wardrobe malfunction as she wrapped her arms around her chest while standing at the judging panel. “That song, uh, broke my top off”, the panellist told contestant Collins. “I guess it is a woman’s world”, she added, playfully referring to his song rendition.

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