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Kabir Khan: I honestly believe that we over-market our films

These days Bollywood filmmakers are obsessed with coming up with the most unique and innovative ideas and ways of promoting their films. 

Everyone is busy in this race of presenting their film way better than their contemporaries and there by trying to hog the limelight as much as possible.


However there are few filmmakers who have shown time and again that as long as you are confident of your film’s content there is no need of promoting it in any way. The recent example being BAAHUBALI, makers of which hardly resorted to any kind of promotional activity for it and still it went on to become not only a massive hit but the highest grossing Indian film of all time!

Bollywood Bhaijaan Salman Khan’s next TUBELIGHT is about to release and the makers of this film are also leaving no stone unturned to promote it in whichever ways possible.

During an interview with director Kabir Khan I asked about his opinion regarding Bollywood relying too much on promotions these days to which he quickly responded, “I don’t like it. I think we overdo it. There is no empirical evidence that anybody has been able to show me that this (promotions) leads to more ticket sales. And I can tell you it really doesn’t leads to more ticket sales. It just feeds media, advertising and television channels for content.”

He added further, “I honestly believe that we over-market our films. According to me as long as you are able to tell the audience this is the date my film is coming on and this is what you are going to see in terms of content, show the trailer  and may be a few informational interviews that’s it. Right now we are over doing this marketing. I know lots of film that have proved that. If you see DHOOM 3 was the biggest grosser but it did not do any interviews. BAAHUBALI is another example as it’s the biggest grosser for years to come.”

When asked if there is any hope of this trend changing in near future he said, “I really hope so it does.”

He added further jokingly “And if it does then we should only do group interviews as many a times while doing one-on-one (interviews) I wonder like haven’t I answered that question already?”

On a serious note we really wonder if Kabir personally has such views then why he is allowing TUBELIGHT to be promoted in such a grand manner. Or is it that in Bollywood the director doesn’t have any say while it comes to the promotion of their film?

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